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At GPR I (Gil) specialize in Google advertising, with a special focus on optimizing conversion rates, maximizing profits and analyzing landing pages. So, whether you run a small coffee shop or a large e-commerce store, advertising on Google or Display Network with our sponsored promotion services can bring in new customers, raise brand awareness, and create a serious sales surge!

Unlike most Google advertising services, we don’t just optimize front-end (ex: your keywords + ad) – instead, we analyze every aspect of your sales funnel – and that includes landing pages and content writing – to make sure you’re generating real revenue from your site!

גיל רותם מנכ"ל ג'י פי אר סוכנות קידום אתרים ושיווק דיגטלי
Gil Rotem SEO expert on Google

Deployed on Google Ads is targeted and driven by analytics that helps your business grow to new heights!

Close to 80% of paid promotion managers say
Google advertising is a huge lead source for a business.

That’s what we can help with.

Need paid promotion on Google or Facebook?

We can help you with

פרסום ברשת החיפוש של גוגל

Search ads

Create a brand awareness ad group More sales and leads for your website With text ads or conversations displayed in Google & Co. search results.

קמפיין ממומן בג'ימייל Gmail ads

App marketing

Get more app install sales Your. Proper application marketing is critical to the success of the venture. Sponsored advertising for apps iOS or Android.

מודעות פייסבוק

Facebook ads

Facebook brand and lead ads by referring potential Facebook users for your business. Target relevant audiences based on location, demographics, profile and times.

קמפיין ממומן וידאו ביוטיוב

Video Ads

Raise awareness of your brand. Get more sales sources with video ad formats. Show ads in YouTube search results,  starting with the middle and ending videos that people watch on YouTube and other media networks

מודעות לרשת המדיה

Display Network Awareness

Display Network Campaign- Build brand awareness and drive more sales with text ad groups, Image, especially video, that appeals visually across the web, desktop, mobile, and apps.

מודעת רימרקטינג

Research & Strategy

Don't lose previous visitors to your site. Remind them of the products/services they need by remarketing banner ads that appear and in their faces while browsing around the web.

Ouroptimization procedures

We perform a number of tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to make sure your campaign is on the right track.

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Competitor and trend analysis
We meet and check if it fits. In the conversation, we will talk about...

Determine if clicks are legitimate or harmful and take the necessary action to prevent multiple unprofitable clicks.
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Invalid clicks
Very important!! Determine if clicks are legitimate or harmful and take the necessary action to prevent multiple unprofitable clicks.
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Utilizing advertising budget #1
We ensure that your advertising budget gets the most out of it on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis
Audite Account/Campaign Control
Get a detailed report on the flaws and opportunities of your account or campaigns to improve your performance.
פרסום PPC
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Set up conversions
Set up conversion tracking code to help you make more profitable advertising decisions.
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CPC optimization
Daily bid optimization to ensure maximum ROI for your campaign along with optimizing bids for the best hours of the day to get maximum exposure.
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Negative keywords
Quickly identify and remove harmful keywords along with adding positive keywords that generate more leads.
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Create/optimize a landing page
Create results-driven landing pages and optimize them to increase conversion rates and ROI in advertising.
Google Support
One of the many perks of being a Google Certified Agency is that we can speak directly to Google on your behalf if there are issues with your account.


For companies in Israel and abroad, GPR is a trusted partner. Whether you’re looking for PPC management services or search engine optimization (SEO) services, GPR can provide what you need. That’s why hundreds of businesses choose GPR.

The average cost per click on Google Ads is between NIS 3.5 and NIS 14 on the search network. The average cost per click on the Display Network is under ₪2. The most expensive keywords on Google Ads cost ₪200 or more per click. Go to Google Sponsored Campaign Cost Table by Industry


Google Ads works to show advertisers’ suggestions to the right searchers by offering their ads on the Google Search page and other web pages they use on the Google platform. Advertisers offer their revenue front price per click on their advertisement, and searchers may search for precise terms and repeat such advertisements. Advertisers can also target certain groups of targets such as age, place of residence, preferences, mechanisms and more.

Google Ads campaign management guide

If you want to learn the basics of organic promotion and sponsored promotion and how they can be incorporated into your marketing, this can be a difficult task.

Click on the link and go to the Google Campaign Management Guides page, so you can advertise on Google (PPC) with more conversions and within a budget that is convenient for you.

What exactly is Google advertising?


The best way to learn what Google advertising is is to go through a comprehensive guide like What is Google Advertising The article reviews what exactly is Google advertising and how to do it simply and effectively.

PPC Course | Google Advertising Course | Google advertising studies

GPR agency offers a complete PPC management course with recognition of these terms, definitions, platforms, benefits, how to build a campaign and much more.

Who is it for?

The course is perfect for anyone who needs to quickly catch up on this key marketing strategy or help manage an existing campaign.

Our website is regularly updated with new information so you will always have access to the latest tips and techniques that will help you succeed in PPC marketing.

Google advertising voucher

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A Google advertising voucher that will give you a jumpstart to your initial Google Ads campaign.

So what are you waiting for, your business is fasting!! Start getting traffic from active audiences who have visited your site and are looking for your services, as they browse blogs, read articles, watch videos, use apps.
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