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Very pleasant, we are a GPR website building company and we are going to help you with an amazing website that takes your business to new heights through unique development.

What's so unique, you ask? Only with us you will get...
Why painful?
Probably every business owner will need to build between 2-4 sites in the first 3 years of the business
Why is this happening?
For the first time - the business owner is looking to save and spend the minimum possible
Why is this happening the second time...
The business owner understands that the site he built with a minimum budget does not work and does not create the value he expected. He understands that he needs to invest in a new and more professional site, but still the chances of finding the right professional to do a full process of characterizing user experience, customer journey, etc. are very low, so the business owner is forced to compromise and build a mediocre site again.
Third time
The business owner comes to the realization that without a professional company that has made dozens of sites that have proven themselves, he will not be able to build the site that will really provide a solution for his potential customer and jumpstart the business forward.
Fourth time? Let's hope we don't get there!
If you want to skip all the steps and save unnecessary money that is wasted without results, we invite you to take a look at dozens of sites we have built for the leading companies in the economy.

Website building for businesses

Perhaps the longest and most painful action for any business owner.

בניית אתרים

Turn your tired website into aneasy-to-manage money machine.

And all this without spending an extra penny on SEO or sponsored promotion. What you’re about to learn will change the way you think about your website.

Solid foundation for SEO with web accessibility requirements

Semantic HTML design makes your website 100 accessible and 100 percent readable to search engines

Clean code website development

Clean code website development = maximum performance! The speed of loading and processing of site content in the web browser User interaction in 0.2 seconds on mobile

SEO-based development

True hips, tags, titles, integrations with the world's leading tools, connecting the site to Google's analytical tools

User experience and customer journey

Every page of your website is designed in exactly the right way to achieve your goals and objectives

Some of the brands we design and develop


Gilad Weiss
CEO Gilad R M Ltd.

Gil Rotem was chosen, out of several website building companies, to establish the GILAD-RM website. The construction of the site was carried out skillfully, with very high quality, at a significantly lower price than the competitors and with transparency, caring and rare cooperation. Gil's capabilities have enabled huge savings in development and design costs, and at the same time the site receives many conversions and general praise for the design.


Leonid Wilenchik

Chief Technology Officer LeonSoft

Gil, thank you very much for your thorough and comprehensive work. Highly recommend to any business looking for professionals at a very high level, direct and reliable. Development and promoted for us a really serious project of building and promoting sites in the field of tourism, well done!

Customer Recommendation

One of the great joys of our profession is helping businesses grow. Happy to provide service and even more happy to see results.

Some of our work

Website building examples for lawyers

GPR brands have differentiation, wisdom and power

Building websites for custom designed businesses

Experts in building responsive websites - virtual store - catalog sites that look M$

Questions and answers about web design and development

All frequently asked questions about the website building process.

Over the past decade, we’ve encountered almost every website building process
For small business or custom in countless questions, we’ve collected the most common ones.
If you would like to ask a little more questions do not hesitate to contact us

Questions about the website building process

In our opinion, yes, every business should have a website, and not just because we develop great websites! A website is your virtual storefront, allowing you to showcase your products or services to the world. Now, while you can still find customers without one, the lack of a secure and professional website can undermine consumer trust and cause potential customers to question your credibility. So, whether you’re looking to establish a solid online presence, or simply check it off for your customers, we can help.

For the images on your website, we will help you find high-quality images from free image repositories, or even paid premium image libraries. We will direct you to find the best images that will suit your business.

Not! We have customers in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, Sharon area, Tel Aviv and all over the world. And we communicate with them by phone, WhatsApp, e-mail and video calls.

Yes. But you will be responsible for your domain name and website hosting. This allows you to maintain full control over your domain files and website if you ever decide to switch.

We can recommend some reliable web hosting servers and we will complete the migration of the new website for you so that the process is still very easy for you.

Yes, we guarantee that all the websites we produce are powered by an SSL certificate, which can be identified by the small lock in the URL bar. Your digital security is a top priority, and it also reassures your customers, so we never go live without maximum security.

No, your website development does not include monthly SEO. All content (images, text and videos) will be seen by Google, but this does not mean that your site will rank first.

To increase searches and site positions on Google, we recommend our monthly SEO services. You can learn more about SEO services on Google.

We recommend that you write and provide all the desired content on the site. After all, you know your business best.

If you need some support here, we can provide you with a copywriter to rewrite your content or create original content for ₪50 per hour.

Contact us via email GPR@GILROTEM.COM with all your requirements and a link to your existing website, or feel free to book a call to discuss further and we can provide an estimate.

Building a website is a complex process that can vary depending on your needs. Honestly? I must say that there is no unequivocal answer.

The process takes from 7 days to several months.

This means that it can take a week or two to develop a basic website with a limited number of pages. But if you need a complex commercial website or develop a website with in-depth content, the process can take months.

This reflects the sediment required to build a quality product. The end result is worth the wait – believe me, you don’t want to settle for something less than perfect.

So we will take the time it takes, carefully plan, design and develop according to your needs. Now is the right time to invest in your venture.

Website Builder Price Questions

In general, you will find a wide range of prices. As with buying an apartment or car, there are a lot of components that affect the final price. The bottom line is that a professional image site that meets all the customer’s needs should cost something on the order of NIS 3,000 – NIS 7,000

Usually in life, what is cheap ends up costing dearly and vice versa. Website building companies like GPR can provide you with a comprehensive and professional solution starting from running the characterization, customer journey, quality content, website design, user experience, marketing automation systems, servers in the cloud, and of course website promotion. Our prices are fair and competitive. We provide full responsibility and personal guidance for each construction and development project at no additional cost.

Costs associated with building a website are: components related to setting up the site for which the customer is supposed to pay, and are: payments to third parties related to paid services, including hosting, domain, communications, clearing services, marketing components and more…

In every GPR website building project we provide a domain for a year, web hosting including management, update and security for a year, and a package of plugins for promotion, marketing and performance improvement, with a total value of NIS 3000.

Sites come in all shapes and sizes, each tailored for a specific purpose. There are three main types of websites: information, e-commerce, and blog.

  1. Information sites focus on providing information about a company or organization as well as contact information.
  2. E-commerce sites are used to buy and sell products online,
  3. Blogging sites are used to share stories or tips related to a particular industry or topic.

In order to know what kind of website your business needs to consider what you want to achieve with the site.

  • Do you need a customer information site to find out more about your company?
  • Or do you need an e-commerce website to sell products?
  • Will a blog best align with your business’s content marketing goals?

The best way to determine which type of website is right for your business is by evaluating the purpose of the website and how it will be used. Once you know what type of website is needed, then you can start researching design options that best fit those needs.

The biggest investment in building a website is usually in development, but in our opinion this is a very big mistake. The most worthwhile investment should be in brand assets and content. According to this assumption, no matter if your budget is NIS 3,000 or NIS 100,000, 70% of it should be invested in creating quality and customized content.

Another interesting statistic to think >> about in 2022: 97% of companies that invested in content had some degree of success

In recent years, ready-made templates have gained popularity, but usually when you build a website from a template (however beautiful) sooner or later you come to the conclusion that the site does not really succeed in delivering the goods. In our opinion, the process of choosing a template is so long that if instead of wasting time searching for a suitable and beautiful template, they invested it in planning the customer journey, user experience and marketing and personal content, the results would be infinitely more successful. Not to mention that a template site is not unique, which also affects brand credibility and promotion quality. Be careful not to fall into this place because eventually you will have to invest your time and money again in building a professional website.

When it comes to choosing a website builder, you have many options. However, one of the most recommended platforms is WordPress. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for beginners. Plus, it offers plenty of customization options so you can easily change the look and feel of your site. In addition, WordPress boasts an extensive library of plugins and themes that you can use to give your site a unique look. Furthermore, WordPress includes features like SEO optimization and social media integration to help make your website more visible online. With its powerful and versatile capabilities, WordPress is undoubtedly one of the top choices when deciding which website building platform to choose.

Free website building, is there such a thing at all?

In more than 90% of cases, the publications you find on the Internet will cause 3 things:

  1. Just a waste of time – invest time in looking for a free website building system and building something from a fan that doesn’t even belong to you.
  2. Waste of money – a free website builder doesn’t give you advanced features. Once you’ll find out that all the equal options are paid but require more advanced knowledge.
  3. Waste of time and money – After swallowing the bait and investing your money and time, the site is actually in captivity. Every month, as long as you pay and when you stop paying, you don’t own the property.

Still Have 10% Chances of Success Free Website Building

Apart from a recommended system for building websites for free, building websites for free can rarely be correct and professional. You’re probably asking how? When starting a serious project in digital marketing such as organic promotion or Google advertising! Here you can understand that there is an interest in building you a website and not just any site but a good site that advances and brings customers. Learn more about building websites for free

Turn every idea into Reality

Hey, if you’re here, you’re probably not going to settle for anything less than perfect for your new website building project.

At GPR UX Building and Design Studio, you build websites that will leave you speechless, roaring brands that bring achievements, marketing results, and a convenient user experience.

We will characterize your website for you exactly as you dreamed. A user experience and differentiation you won’t forget, at a design level above and beyond expectations.

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